I have to see it

Have you heard of the northern lights? I had only heard about it fleetingly and in passing. It is not some thing I had ever really thought about or considered. That is until last year when I got a new flat mate from Norway. She is from the northern part of Norway, and one day she told me that there are actually northern lights in that part of Norway at a certain time of year. I was quite surprised by this fact, and when I goggled it I was even more surprised to learn how beautiful the lights actually are. First I didn’t believe it and I thought the photos had been manipulated or photo shopped or something. But my flat mate insisted that the photos were exactly like the lights in “real life”. So I decided that I absolutely had to experience this phenomenon.  So I actually went ahead and booked a trip to Greenland, because I have heard that this is the place to go if you want to experience the northern lights in the most perfect settings. I cannot wait for my trip and I’ll make sure to keep you updated on how the trip goes. And if you have tips, please post them in “comments” below. Thanks!