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Investment Accounting Software for Your Accounting Needs

Accounting for your investment portfolio can be demanding. You need to book journal entries, prepare financial reports and disclosures, reconcile activity and statements, field questions from auditors and stakeholders, assemble board packages, and keep up with the changing accounting regulations. But would it be great if you can streamline all these processes, and increase your precision and accuracy at the same time? With investment accounting software, you most certainly can.

Investment accounting software is accurate, powerful, precise and robust – and it is updated on a daily basis. No other investment accounting software can give you up to the day, audit quality accounting information, regardless of the number of accounts, security types or custody banks that you might have. Below are a few features that the right investment accounting software system can offer you.

Customized general ledger entries. With investment accounting software, you can close your books with unparalleled accuracy and speed. Journal entries can be configured to match your specific chart of accounts and GL codes, which facilitates automatic entry into your general ledger system. Also, all the detailed data is available any time you need it to aid in the reconciliation and audit of your entries.

Complete financial statement disclosures. Manually preparing multiple investment disclosures for your financial statements is a cumbersome process. With investment accounting software¸ you get a comprehensive set of investment disclosures that are available at the click of a button.

By design, investment accounting software is multi-basis. The system is able to easily handle portfolios of various complexity. Whether you only need single basis accounting, like GAAP or IFRS, or you need to account for a global portfolio with various accounting bases, with investment accounting software, you are completely covered. And what’s more, the system is constantly evolving to incorporate new accounting rules and regulations.

asset management software

What Asset Management Software Qualifies for Fixed Assets?

Long term, tangible assets that are used to sustain business operations and activities and have value are known as fixed assets. Examples include land, equipment and facilities. Fixed assets reflect the proposition of these kinds of assets; they are fixed and do not need much attention as soon as they are bought. Companies depend on their assets to produce revenue. Fixed asset analysis also includes working out the potential earnings as well as the use of the fixed assets. The analysis will also look into whether fixed assets are properly maintained to ensure present and future tense. So what asset management software is best for the fixed assets of your company? Read on and find out.

Licensed Software as Fixed Asset

Although getting a license to use asset management software is intangible, the capital expenditure on licensed software qualifies for capital allowances just like machinery. In this aspect, licensed software is considered to be a fixed asset. When licensed asset management software is obtained in a rental, the rentals are deducted from profits over the life of the software. Depreciation is a top concept when analyzing fixed assets and the examination of depreciation aids in illustrating the useful life of assets. Licensed software is depreciated over time; this is one main feature of fixed assets.

Written-Off Software as Fixed Asset

When a business acquires asset management software and they are not allowed to write off the overall expenditure in the year of purchase, the software is considered to be a fixed asset and written off the depreciation each year as an expense. In this case, whether asset management software is treated as a fixed asset will highly depend on the tax system.

Integral Software as Fixed Asset

Computer software for a machine that is aided by a computer that cannot operate without the particular asset management software is an integrated component of the relevant hardware. Because of this, it is treated as property, equipment and plant. The same is applicable to the operating system of the computer. Therefore integral asset management software is considered a fixed asset.



Learning the Basics on Investment Management Systems

In today’s global market, it has become hard for the typical individual to stay ahead of the curve without using helpful resources like investment management systems. Otherwise known as wealth management, investment management systems is aimed at helping people and organizations better manage their investment portfolios. One of the key advantages of such systems is the ability to get very personalized advising. With such kinds of systems, you are able to achieve personal experienced based upon their own set of needs.

The main goal of an investment management system is to allow the consumer to do things on their own that would normally be available only through major corporations and companies. The software usually combines all kinds of investments, and many kinds of investment and portfolio analysis. The main goal of investment management systems is to help the consumer acquire complete control o their financial destiny. By doing so, you can increase your overall performance.

Some of the key benefits of using investment management systems are the understanding and clarity that you will get with the whole investment management process. By completing investments and managing assets on your own using investment management system, you can fully understand the business. Another benefit is the complete control you will have right at your fingertips. You can control your own financial future with the ability to make changes as you deem necessary. This should give you convenience in both time and money.

Ultimately, you will spend less money by doing things yourself and decrease the amount of time needed to spend for your financial planning. Using investment management systems will spare you from seeking the services and advice of a registered investment advisor. Again, this is a major contributor to spending less money and time.

Most investment management systems have now evolved into cut and dry easily learnable technology. This software will help eliminate the need for wealth management advisors, asset allocation advisors and register investment advisors. These programs might not be failsafe, but it would be safe to say that they can direct you in the right path to investment and financial enlightenment.

Do you want to increase your company’s success?

There is nothing more satisfying than achieving one’s goals. In doing this though, you have to know that it takes some to get some. A clever man named Tom Ford once said, that “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”. I believe he’s so very true about his statement – cause besides doing something about things, you also have to believe in them to keep going strong and not give up. You have to find out for yourself, what you believe is important for you in your life and next, find out what you can do about it.

fund manager software

When it comes to me, I have spend a lot of time finding out what I really want to do with life. It took me time, but after brainstorming my whole life and after trying many different things, I found that fund management is what interest me! Are you also interested in this aspect, you have to find out if your company activities require an investment system that will be sufficiently enough to allow for an infinite variety of possible investment strategy scenarios? If that is so, your company should explore the opportunities within this business. There exist companies that can help you achieve your goals with a fund manager software, which will help you do what you do the best, while you let others simplify your daily tasks with an outcome of great success.