Best software solutions

Have you heard of the new IBOR solution from SimCorp? Working with portfolio and asset management on an everyday basis, I had never heard of it before we were introduced to SimCorp’s solutions at a workshop. After hearing about it for the first time, we decided to start using some of their software solutions. Working with investment management of large scale portfolios is a tricky business. It can be very hard and difficult work at times, and using different software can make the whole process rather complex. That is also one of the major reasons why we are so content with using the software from SimCorp. The different programs ”speak” with each other so to speak, and work seamlessly together. The IBOR which is short for Investment Book Of Records is a program that delivers on control of information critical to have control over investments. It is a tool used by asset managers, that provides up to date information in real time about current, projected and historical positions.

Also SimCorp recently won the 2015 Technology Innovation Award from FTF in the category of ‘Best IBOR Solution.’ It is the first time that a category for Investment Book of Records have been included in this category. SimCorp winning this award just underlines the fact, that we have made the right decision when it comes to software provider.