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I dream of ice… sheets

Did you know that within recent years Greenland has become quite the tourist destination? If you did not know this, I believe you are not the only one. I, for one, had no idea that every year Greenland tourism increases by thousands. I did a little research online and found out that a lot of different travel agencies offer a vide variety of packages depending on what you want to see and what time of year you want to travel. This one site I looked at have somewhere in the region of 20 different packages with the possibility to customize the packages further and also buy completely customized packages. What I personally liked most about the site is that the travel agents working there actually are the ones who will join you on the trips and thus has first hand experience with them. I can only imagine that these people will be able to give you the absolute best advice compared to travel agents who never leave their office, and who outsource the trips to local agencies. In other words, these guys know what they are talking about when they give you advice.

The recent I started doing the research in the first place was because I have always dreamt about going to Greenland. In my perspective the ice filled country has an almost mythical air to it. So many parts of the land are still unexplored, and many places people cannot even go. This area is called the inland ice sheet and is a body of solid ice that covers 1,710,000 square kilometres (660,000 sq mi), of Greenland. It is the second largest ice sheet after the Antarctic. It covers 2,400 kilometres (1,500 mi) long in a north-south direction, and its greatest width is 1,100 kilometres (680 mi). The thickness is about 2 km (1.2 mi). It is estimated that the ice sheet is about 110.000 years old.

I am completely taken by this ”phenomenon” and I really want to see it before it disappears, and it has experienced record melting in recent years. So, in doing my research on Greenland tourism I found out that you can actually go and see the ice sheet. This is a huge dream of mine, and I have to do this some day.



Best software solutions

Have you heard of the new IBOR solution from SimCorp? Working with portfolio and asset management on an everyday basis, I had never heard of it before we were introduced to SimCorp’s solutions at a workshop. After hearing about it for the first time, we decided to start using some of their software solutions. Working with investment management of large scale portfolios is a tricky business. It can be very hard and difficult work at times, and using different software can make the whole process rather complex. That is also one of the major reasons why we are so content with using the software from SimCorp. The different programs ”speak” with each other so to speak, and work seamlessly together. The IBOR which is short for Investment Book Of Records is a program that delivers on control of information critical to have control over investments. It is a tool used by asset managers, that provides up to date information in real time about current, projected and historical positions.

Also SimCorp recently won the 2015 Technology Innovation Award from FTF in the category of ‘Best IBOR Solution.’ It is the first time that a category for Investment Book of Records have been included in this category. SimCorp winning this award just underlines the fact, that we have made the right decision when it comes to software provider.


Young and dumb

Yesterday was Sunday, and personally it was an absolutely perfect Sunday. After I have gotten older I have somehow started to really appreciate the Sundays. They kind of represent the day, where you should just focus on doing as little as possible, move around as slowly as possible, and do exactly what I feel like, with out having to worry about what I should or should not do. Lie on my sofa for hours watching series and movies, eat cake, take a long walk, cook a time consuming dinner, take a yoga class or read a book. Yesterday was exactly one of these days. I slept in, went for a long walk with my dog and a friend, had a afternoon nap, did my nails, drank coffee slowly watched some TV and cooked a nice dinner. And then I spent a lot of time researching a holiday Greenland. My good friend is moving to Greenland this summer for work, and I really, really want to go visit her. For some reason I have never really been interested in a holiday Greenland before now. When I was younger, I just wanted to go to mere ordinary places like Southern Europe or USA. But once my friend started talking moving to Greenland and I started reading about it, it dawned on me what an amazing and unique place it is.


I have to see it

Have you heard of the northern lights? I had only heard about it fleetingly and in passing. It is not some thing I had ever really thought about or considered. That is until last year when I got a new flat mate from Norway. She is from the northern part of Norway, and one day she told me that there are actually northern lights in that part of Norway at a certain time of year. I was quite surprised by this fact, and when I goggled it I was even more surprised to learn how beautiful the lights actually are. First I didn’t believe it and I thought the photos had been manipulated or photo shopped or something. But my flat mate insisted that the photos were exactly like the lights in “real life”. So I decided that I absolutely had to experience this phenomenon.  So I actually went ahead and booked a trip to Greenland, because I have heard that this is the place to go if you want to experience the northern lights in the most perfect settings. I cannot wait for my trip and I’ll make sure to keep you updated on how the trip goes. And if you have tips, please post them in “comments” below. Thanks!

portfolio management

Why You Should Own A Portfolio Software

Being an investor is both beneficial and also troubling. Beneficial because you can get a lot of money in return if the company that you invested in gains a lot in the market. It’s troubling because if you are an investor who has a multi-investment scheme, then you will have some trouble. It is already hard to commit to one investment alone, how much more if you have investment with a lot of assets? I, for one, have that kind of scheme but I have little trouble with such things? Do you know why? That is because I have a portfolio software system.


What is this system?

The portfolio software system is a type of software program which is very important for any individual investor just like me. We use this kind of tool to handle our personal portfolios because it grows over the years. Of course we try out and own several investment accounts which we think are very productive and also we trust these assets. These assets could include the IRAs, brokerage accounts, savings accounts and many more. The problem with many accounts is hard, well if it is just a normal account. With investments though, it is a very problematic thing to track. With the portfolio software system though, things change for the better.


Different programs to choose from

Actually the portfolio software system has many developers making these because with the development of new technology, all types of software are also upgraded and some and born too. The portfolio software system has several developers now and they are aiming to be better at each other. I personally use the Quicken Premier 2011 due to the many features I can make use and how easy it is to understand unlike the other programs which are either easy but has only few features or has a lot of features but so hard to understand every single one of them. To each his own I guess but I just simply like how this thing works.


The good thing about the development of these portfolio software systems is that they are constantly changing and upgrading them by their developers. There are even new ways to access these programs because there are new ones where you can access them just through a website. You do not need to download the portfolio software system and install it in your computer because you can just visit a net café, visit the website and there you have it! You can now use your portfolio software system with your account on the website.


The portfolio software system is a very useful tool for any investor who wants their portfolio managed. If you have the portfolio software system, you can easily transact, check and manage your accounts that you have invested in without any problems at all. There would be no more confusion and you will always be updated with your investments which is very helpful for any investor. Take it from me, you will need it.



What to Look for in Financial Reporting Software

It is only normal for business entities to make use of computers and software programs as part of their operations. In fact, it would be strange for any company to operate without ever making use of modern technology nowadays.  This is the reason why if you own a business, you should also consider upgrading your systems and employ the latest technological trends as long as these are appropriate.  A financial reporting software program would be necessary for you.  However, it is very important also that you first get to know what qualities you should look for in a financial reporting software program.

If you want your financial reporting software to work well for your business, it would be wise to first determine the kind of tasks that it should do.  Every business has its particular characteristics.  This means that you have to make sure that the software you are going to use is one that is actually suitable to the systems or processes involved in your operation.  This may require you consider making use of financial reporting software that is custom-made.  Another option would be to make some adjustments in the software itself also for the purpose of making it appropriate to your business.

Database management is another very important concern.  This is a task that should be easily performed by your financial reporting software.  As your business grows, it is expected that you would have to handle an increasing volume of data also.  Managing these without the use of computers would be nearly impossible.  If you do not attempt to make use of any financial reporting software, you would surely find it very difficult such huge amount of information.  This is the reason why it would be necessary to acquire the means of convenient data management, which could only be possible with the use of computers.

A financial reporting software does not only compute. While it may have the characteristics of a calculator, it definitely does more than just calculate.  The said software could actually be used for analyzing your business’s financial situation.  Obviously, this could be of great help to you as you try to determine the conditions of your business.  It would be through this that you would discover the major problems that your business may have.  This only tells you that the financial reporting software could also be very instrumental in resolving issues that may have hampered the growth of your business.

While a financial reporting software program may seem like it is a very expensive mechanism, you would be surprised that it is not.  The truth is that you could easily download the program from the internet.  Before you do so, you should still find out which among the many choices is cheap.  There should be some of these financial reporting software programs that are not very expensive.  However, you should also be wary of these.  You have to make sure that even if these are cheap, these should still have very good quality.

Dodd Frank

Dodd-Frank Act’s constant Struggle for Improvement

Humanity has been always prone to threats of varying magnitude since ages ago. In return, humanity responded splendidly and evolved in the process. Still, several encounters with diverse calamities did not yield an acceptable outcome since the loss was just too great. We call it Pyrrhic Victory, a victory gained in exchange of an overwhelming loss. A prime example of humanity’s greatest struggle was the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, also known as the Great Depression. Preceding World War 2, the Great Depression defined helplessness to the face of earth where major financial sectors and institutions around the world took a decisive turn downwards, unemployment was widespread and the future, dim. As a result, the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, commonly referred as the Dodd-Frank Act were signed into law.

Dodd-Frank was named after the Financial Services Committee Barney Frank, and Former Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee Chris Dodd due to their considerable contribution and involvement with the bill. On July 21, 2010, Dodd-Frank was signed into law by President Obama at the Ronald Raegan Building in Washington DC. The Wall Street Reform Bill has brought comprehensive set of legislative reforms to financial regulation in the United States since the Great Depression in the 1930’s. The Dodd-Frank Act aspires to consistently promote financial stability in the United States by heavily focusing on the improvement of accountability and transparency in financial regulation.

Three years after Dodd-Frank was signed into law, its implementation has been partial at best since there were many setbacks underway. In the year 2013, the provisions that were finalized were estimated only to be 40 percent of Dodd-Frank’s 400 total provisions. Consequently, the bill’s effectiveness was put into question. Several entities implied that Dodd-Frank is doomed to fail and that the regulatory system would be wrapped in chaos for years. Also, others suggest that the law was aimlessly established and it failed to address central issues such the remarks, “too big to fail” (TBTF) concerning banks that are also tied to disrupting morality.

It’s not that Dodd-Frank Act’s rough sailing on the sea of antagonists was unexpected; of course, oppositions’ presence will remain eternally existent. The bill’s reform is geared toward protecting consumers with rules, and along the way, many will find it harmful or as a disservice to their own interest. In any case, changes of the Dodd-Frank Act remains open for revision for the purpose of improvement. The global reaction as a whole is constantly varying by the second, and that the world is continually progressing to find better means of countering crisis is a significant virtue despite the swirling animosity.

asset manager software

Enrich Your Asset Management Knowledge: Related Solutions for Asset Manager System

A lot of investment portfolio handlers rely on asset manager system to successfully place a good market position to secure financial growth opportunities for their clients. Asset manager system is a multifunctional investment metric tool that identifies the most feasible investment decisions through assessing market-driven factors and investment risks in order to tailor fit with existing handled portfolios and formulate the most strategic investment decisions for their clients. Aside from asset manager system, other related tools have also given asset managers more capabilities and functions in effectively handling client portfolio investments. Here are some of the best investment solutions related to asset manager system.

Achieve accuracy in transactions and flexibility in trading with order manager, a tool that provides you with everything you need for a seamless and fast trade orders in an ever-changing trading environment dominated by fluctuating rates, changes in regulatory impositions and legislations and the presence of financial risks. An order manager, along with asset manager system can be the tool that you need to survive in a complex industry where financial assets carry different levels of liquidity and opportunities project different rates of return and associated risks. You don’t need to increase your labor-intensive operations just to cater large volumes of trading assets since order manager can efficiently cover a large number of transactions.

If you are more concerned on the satisfaction of your clients and the quality of the services you provide to them, there is compliance manager software that you can integrate in combination with your asset manager system to comply with client mandates and regulations set for your investment portfolios. Compliance checks are conducted more confidently since compliance manager can detect limit issues in existing compliance parameters. Good compliance manager tools also offer more interactive approach to issues on compliance checks which implies that rather than acting as a mere detection system the tool will also provide solutions to help resolve the underlying issues.

The client manager service will prove to be a good compatible support for an asset manager system, since it enables you to work with a multiple client accounts even with new ones being made in just a single interface. Encrypted data do not have to be entered multiple times into the system since the client manager itself is designed to provide a more efficient framework of controlling and safeguarding asset management data for future evaluation and use.


pension fund management software

Why Use Pension Fund Management Software?

The moment you reach that point in life when you could enjoy your pension fund, you would surely make decisions that you believe are worth the while.  Among the decisions that you would make would be to make use of the funds that you receive as pension to enjoy life even better.  You could go on a vacation outside of the country.  You could also take the alternative but more lucrative route, which is to establish a business.  Whatever your decision is though, you should bear in mind that it is also at this time that you should consider managing your pension funds well. This should not be a very difficult thing to do if you could get help from pension fund management software.

With pension fund management software, there would certainly be no difficulty for you in dealing with thousands of money that may compose your pension.  One particular advantage that you will enjoy is the accuracy and timeliness of the data.  Apparently, your pension funds are with a certain bank.  You may not know the developments of the said funds unless you are actually provided with information regarding these.  With the right software at your disposal, it should be easy for you to gather such information.  These data could be very valuable to you as you try to make an analysis of the situation of your pension and come up with a decision on what to do next. This is one of the wonders of pension fund management software.

Your pension funds could be connected to the different types of business which you may have invested in.   Managing the funds and the businesses that you are involved in could be quite difficult.  This is the reason why such software would be of great help to you.  Pension fund management software would seamlessly integrate the various investments that you may have engaged.  The software would enable you to monitor the latest developments of your business.  Again, this would allow you to make timely and appropriate decisions regarding your investments.  The pension fund management software could be a must for your business.

Without any pension fund management software, you may have no other means of keeping your data and retrieving them in the most systematic manner.  This is precisely the reason why you should obtain such a device. Since it is software, it is guaranteed that it could process data operations and management in the most organized way; something that the mere human brain may not be capable of doing.  Pension fund management software could definitely lessen the time consumed for doing such task.

You may have to spend a good amount of money in order to acquire pension fund management software.   This may be the discouraging part.  However, if you just take into consideration the many advantages of having such program, you would see that the money spent on it is actually worth it.  This is the reason why you should still get hold of this and install this in your computer or PC.

asset manager

Detect the Three Faces of Investment Risk with a Sound Financial Services Risk Management

One of the primary factors that determine the fate of every business undertaking is the effectiveness of financial services risk management in delivering growth to every investment opportunity. As an entrepreneur and investor, how would you like your venture to be? Do you settle for volatile commodities or do you find less risky opportunities more advantageous? Whatever it is that you are looking forward into, as long as you have the aid of financial services risk management, there is a greater chance for you to see your capital coming back to you with great yield.  With the help of a reliable financial services risk management, you can come up with the best options of financial growth by knowing the major types of risks that greatly affect the behavior of most investment portfolios.

When it comes to widening the scope business operations, most companies bargain high costs for the sake of finding new business opportunities such as signing in advertising deals to promote a certain product line or get the market informed about the company itself. This creates business risk which is simply the risk created by businesses when they compromise resources to boost market shares. Financial services risk management will be able to monitor entities with high business risks and allow investors to carefully choose the strategy they think is best for the given scenario.

Conversely, there are certain risks that are not created by companies but rather by economic conditions and political factors. Non-business risks for a fact can also be detected by a sound financial services risk management. When economic trend pose a certain level of predictability and political developments give rise to new legislations, financial services risk management will be able to gather important data necessary to take you to the right investment decision.

One of the most important and influential type of risk is financial risk which includes a lot of other market-driven factors such as market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk and operational risk. What makes financial services risk management very useful in formulating the most favorable investment scenarios is its capability to detect these levels of risks without neglecting the importance of the two other major types of risks in the process. If you employ an effective financial services risk management in your business, there only a minimal chance for your financial growth strategies to go wrong especially after having known these helpful insights.