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Globalizing with Fund Management System

Funds management systems can refer to techniques used in the management of fund assets. When your business is dreary to take on the international market, efficiency and transparency is valued more than ever. This will rake in higher stakes, returns but it also means higher and more damaging risks taken. In truth, risks are inevitable in the world of finance and the focus should be on mitigating all possible risks rather than avoiding it altogether using tested fund management systems.

The fund manager must closely monitor cash outflow, varying costs, and the client’s risk tolerance while advocating the client’s goals. Harnessing the abilities of a funds management system can provide a turnaround allowing businesses to capitalize on the cash inflow opportunities. It also enables a financial institution to offer credit to clients.

Managing multiple accounts and ledgers can increase the chance of oversight. It is usually the minor details that are the usual culprits and yet they can greatly be to a portfolio’s advantage or otherwise. Fund management systems that can support multiple ledger accounts yet still have centralized capabilities are the best choices for expanding financial institutions, especially those entering the international market.

Most of the time, companies offering fund management systems create a system administrator which may or may not be maintained by the IT company. The system administrator with have master keys, also known as a Super User ID, for the Department of Finance or Project Management Unit. Relevant data will be confirmed and updated once the role is the chosen administrator confirms the account. More importantly, these privileges are given through a secure structure or network.

post trade processing

Simplified Post Trade Processing from Accenture and Broadridge

Societe Generale and Investment Banking is considering cutting off up to 30% of their post trade processing costs. In a statement, the bank said that this is their first client to adopt the post trade processing solution offered by Accenture and Broadridge Financial Solutions. With this business, it is hoped that the banks will get the help needed to operate in Asia-Pacific and Europe and reduce post trade processing costs, as well as adapt new regulations and technologies, easily enter new markets, and launch new projects. With savings on the line, this technology is expected to lead the next generation of upgrades in the industry of banking.

Today, we are seeing the global investment banking industry at the crossroads, with technological, market and regulatory pressures changing the business and bank economics to look into their current operating models. The technology of Broadridge mixed with the expertise of Accenture in capital markets behind this solution; we can see this solution being the standard of the industry when it comes to post trade processing.

For so long a time, Societe Generale and Accenture have had a relationship, agreeing on one common vision on what could be the future of investment banks through the mutualization of bank office activities and costs. Societe Generale is looked in the industry as a leader because of its approach in transforming its operating model. About 250 of its employees will go over to the new Accenture Post Trade Processing Company to take over the post trade administration.

Breaking things down, Broadridge and Accenture has launched together a post trade processing solution that offers so many benefits to banks in Asia-Pacific and Europe. These benefits include quick and efficient launch of new products and entering new markets, adaptation to new technology and regulations and reduction of post trade processing costs.

The technology behind these benefits is a standardized operating system. From a regulatory perspective, if a change is needed in post trade processing, you will only have to do it once on the common platform and all the clients will share the cost. This is the benefit of the utility structure. Broadridge and Accenture have created the solution that will also accommodate other technology to support various functions, like corporate actions processing and reconciliations.

corporate actions management

How do companies and businesses grow and monitor their corporate actions?

How do companies and businesses grow and monitor their corporate actions? Management of corporate actions is not just a process manually done by individuals of an organization. There is that certain software maybe be considered as one of the corporate actions management system that will greatly benefit the organization in so many ways. Choosing the best one will be the organization’s prerogative depending on what they need. The use of a software as a corporate actions management system has been a prominent feature to aid organizations so that they are able run effectively the various processes that needs to be performed.


Reduction of corporate investment and costs. The many functions of a corporate actions management system will help an organization lower the costs of getting some IT personnel perform certain tasks like getting real time updates or report generations since these processes can be automated and set up in a way that they need it to do so. This can also be integrated in their existing system. Also, once the organization knows exactly which corporate actions management system it needs, there are those that offer discounts. Bulk purchase discounts by purchasing all the software that it needs all at one time is very cost efficient.


Security of system software. Data breach is an issue that organizations face. There are those that take pride when they are able to hack into an organization’s operational platform or system. Thus, security of software purchased is a factor that organizations look into. This is where it comes as an investment or an asset to the company when they are able to choose corporate actions management system that is secured and give them confidence that no other organization can gain access to any information that they have stored in there. Aside from that, those that provided services for such a system can give them technical support if the system bugs down.


Downsized IT support. When an organization avails of an corporate actions management system, they are able to prevent unauthorized software from making its way into the organization as well.  It is expected that there should be fewer software issues which means that the organization can downsize their IT support team due to fewer IT support related issues. Maintenance of such a system is part of the package that the organization avails from those companies that offer such systems.