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5 Tips to Integrating Your Asset Management System

Most people are not aware of the available features that can be used for asset management system integration. However, it is worth it learning about these features. When you take advantage of easy integration, you benefit with more visibility, faster workflows, greater convenience, increased user adoption, and many more. So how can you make this happen? Go through the tips below are find out ways to integrate your asset management system.

Brand template. When you integrate your asset management system with your brand, users will feel like they have never left the website of the company. Ensuring that the organization’s branding reflects your asset management system will give you so many benefits like making it easier for users to adopt the platform and for guests to sustain the branding that the company has created.

Embedded links. Embedded links save time publishing images from your asset management system account to other internet media outlets, sparing you from wasting time downloading the image only to upload it to another system. Embedded links condense all of this into a single step: just copy and paste the embedded link for easy integration into your website, blog, social media and more.

Custom URL. With a custom URL, the organization has the ability to keep your asset management system URL branded. This will ensure complete cohesion between your system and your website. Navigation is easy with a custom URL for anyone who visits or browse through your system account. Also, the URL is easier to remember so guests will know immediately where to go.

Share this. Social media has proven that it is here to stay. For those who want to save time, the assets in your asset management system account can now be easily shared. This feature will conveniently allow you to share assets at just a touch of a button, all without the need to sit through each social media site. Documents, pictures and other assets can now be shared straight from within the system.

RSS feeds. Your asset management system account offers RSS feed subscriptions so you can always stay up to date on the latest additions and changes to your assets. Simply add the feed URL to the RSS reader of your choice and you will stay in the know. Now you are ensure that there will not be any miscommunication bottlenecks.

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5 Tips in Selecting the Best Investment Management Solutions

The market for investment management solutions is fragmented with many small smaller organizations that provide a range of features and functionality. This makes it rather difficult for businesses to choose the best solution for their needs. At times, customers will have to look at dozens of investment management solution vendors, and the selection process can take months.

Below are some tips to help you reduce the number of vendors for your evaluation.

1. Usability. If your users will not adopt and use your investment management solutions, it would only be a waste of time and effort. Look beyond the glitz and ensure that the interface is simple and intuitive for the first-time user.

2. Accessibility. Make sure that the software is accessible via standard web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer. As much as possible, it should seamlessly support variations in browsers, operating systems and computers.

3. Configuration. Ask your vendor to show you how to add a new field of your choice. Many vendors claim to have the most configurable applicable and yet hesitate to demonstrate such a basic task.

4. Searching and reporting. What good would investment management solutions are of they are not able to provide good searching and reporting tools? Make sure that these tools are user-friendly and are part of the basic system.

5. Integration. It is critical that your investment management solutions can easily be integrated with other systems inside your organizations, including the active directory accountable payable, and human resources, among others.

For more information on investment management, click here.

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How to Choose the Right Asset Management Software for Your Business

As your business grows, you will be taking on different tasks everyday which means you will have more clients, more documents to go through, more investment types, more portfolios, in fact, more of everything. With that, you will need to get the right asset management software that will aid you with all these tasks for your business.

Seeing as to how asset management softwares are becoming more popular with businessmen nowadays, you might find it hard to choose which one will do the job for you. Here are some tips on how you can get the best asset management software for your business.

Read Reviews. This might sound cliché, but reading reviews of asset management softwares over the Internet can help you out when it comes to deciding which one is suitable for your business.

Look for References. It actually helps to ask around for the release of the newest or latest asset management softwares. There are also times when some softwares are being updated, so you can look for the latest version and compare services.

Limit your Choices to the Top 3. It is always better to choose from one of the top 3 options that you have. The top 3 choices should be evaluated according to the services that they offer, their usability and their features, if they offer product demo, and if they have customer support.

Make sure price suits your budget. When you choose the right asset management software for your business, you should see to it that aside from it being capable and efficient, the price that you will pay for it should also be reasonable. If you think that it is too expensive, and you can find other brands that are more budget friendly and offers just about the same services, then you should think twice before you purchase it.

An asset management software maybe just what you need in order to get more things done in your business. It is good to start knowing and understanding just how one can help you and your growing business.

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Advices for working with Asset Management

In simple terms, Asset Management is about managing other people’s money and about making more money while doing it. As an asset manager, you can have two different kinds of clients. These can either be institutions or retail, where the first refer to large corporations and the last refer to private investors. Within these clients, your job is to invest their money into assets.

Do you wonder what asset means? Assets can for example include stocks, which typically are a share of ownership of another company. This is also known as equities. Bonds is also an asset and will typically be in the amount of loan agreements. This can be further explained as a company that issues bonds and from that, receives money in return. The bondholder on the other hand, receives a fixed amount of interest on the money they have lent. To mention another few examples, assets can also be foreign exchange and property, i. e. within real estate. If you want to know more about asset management and tools that can help you in your everyday work, take a look at this.
To clarify one for all, asset managers needs to be able to use a combination of investment experience, theory, technology and market analysis with the purpose of identifying the best investments for the clients money.


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