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post trade processing

What is post trade processing?

Overall, post trade processing can be defines as time after a trade is complete, where a buyer and seller compare their trade deals, approve the transaction itself, change the records of ownership and furthermore, arrange for the transfer of securities and cash. Post trade processing is very important, especially in differentiated markets.

Instead of handle post trade processing manually, your company can also choose to do the job more effective and transparent with a “Settlement Manager”. Besides being more effective and transparent in its results, the Settlement Manager will also simplify and automate post trade processing tasks.

Settlement Manager can be explained as a tool that makes to able to handle the many tasks you have when it comes to post trade processing. It automates workflows and remove you of all the concerns associated with routine processing. A Settlement Manager helps you handle everyday operations much more effectively and simultaneously save you time and effort.

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Integrate your company’s reports with a reporting software

When creating reports every month for your clients, are you also wasting a lot of time and effort? Within many organizations, employees solving different tasks for a client also measure the effect differently. This often ends up in several types of reports and manually work. In other words, a lot of time are being wasted and you can spend a lot of time used on reporting, in much more effective ways.

A product named “Report Book Manger” collects inputs from various sources that you use to make reports such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel etc. and present the results in a uniform report. In this way you avoid the collection of various reports which does nothing else than creating confusing and a big mess. A investment reporting software makes it possible for you to deliver common reports and allow you to define, schedule and produce these to several contact persons.

If you invest in a report software, you get a fully automated reporting workflow and also you will reduce the risk of creating human errors. Instead, you will experience an extremely efficient result and work with software that allows you produce and very high quality product in the end.

Do you want to increase your company’s success?

There is nothing more satisfying than achieving one’s goals. In doing this though, you have to know that it takes some to get some. A clever man named Tom Ford once said, that “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”. I believe he’s so very true about his statement – cause besides doing something about things, you also have to believe in them to keep going strong and not give up. You have to find out for yourself, what you believe is important for you in your life and next, find out what you can do about it.

fund manager software

When it comes to me, I have spend a lot of time finding out what I really want to do with life. It took me time, but after brainstorming my whole life and after trying many different things, I found that fund management is what interest me! Are you also interested in this aspect, you have to find out if your company activities require an investment system that will be sufficiently enough to allow for an infinite variety of possible investment strategy scenarios? If that is so, your company should explore the opportunities within this business. There exist companies that can help you achieve your goals with a fund manager software, which will help you do what you do the best, while you let others simplify your daily tasks with an outcome of great success.

post trade processing

What is Settlement Manager?

I recently bought new software from SimCorp. It’s a programme called Settlement Manager, and I have had friends and colleagues asking me, what I am going to use that for. And as I find the software a great help in my everyday work with post trade processing, I decided to write a little post on the subject. It’s a philosophy of mine, that you should always share great ideas and great tools.

Settlement Manager is offered by SimCorp and helps you in you everyday work life by simplifying and automating your post trade processing tasks. In short terms it helps you handle all of these tasks more smoothly.

Settlement Manager enables you to smoothly handle all of your post trade processing task even though you might have quite a lot. The software gives you the overview, that you need to smoothly operate you post trade processing.

After I started using the Settlement Manager my workflows have gotten more efficient and I can handle more tasks in shorter timer. This is only possible, because some of the simple but yet time consuming tasks gave been automated.

In a time like ours, time really is money and therefore I am excited every time I find a new solution that gives me more time to focus on the really important – and far more interesting – tasks. Now I can spend more time working on my business concept instead of spending it on solving post trade processing tasks.

asset manager system

The importance of relevance

On social media there is no such thing as being relevant – especially when it comes to companies appearing on medias as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or others. The first mentioned here is very popular to many companies, and it has become more and more relevant to have the right facebook ads. Talking facebook ads, you have probably tried to buy something online or checked the different prices on a particular product, and suddenly it appears on your facebook page. A coincidence? I think not. Facebook ads today are very well placed and organized, and there is much to the planning in this process. In this way, companies spent a lot of time and money in be the right places and being relevant for their customers – or customers to be. That is also the thing about facebook: it is not only a social platform anymore. It has become a platform for companies to advertise their products and to find new customers as well as attract people to their site with competition, updates and a lot of other stuff, interesting and new to the consumers out there. But it also bind the companies to create new content, answering on comments, complaints or enquiries, so it takes a lot to not only having facebook ads, but also appear on the social media in general.